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K-PPSN1 Portable Power Supply

Thank you very much for choosing our multi-functional portable energy storage power supply. This is a portable multi-function power supply. In this era of advanced electronic devices, the battery capacity of mobile devices has become a problem for many people. This product can he quickly charged to the power supply when you are experiencing power outages and low power. This power supply supports DC output /AC output /USB output, which can supply power for your notebook, camera, drone, car refrigerator, lighting, etc. This manual describes how to use this product and important safety precautions. Please read this user manual carefully and keep it for your referenc.

K-PPSN1 mobile power solutions:

  • mobile office
  • medical rescue
  • fire emergency rescue
  • power equipment repair
  • environmental protection
  • emergency communication support
  • vehicle storage backup
  • Tourist adventure outdoor


K-PPSN1 Specifications Figure 1
K-PPSN1 Specifications Figure 2
Product Type Pure sine wave 220V 0.37 degree
Cell type A + Lithium ion battery
Dimension 300*80*160mm
Capacity 327.96Wh(100800mAh)
Charging time About 6 hours
USB output 5V/3.1A*4
DC port output 12V/5A*2
AC port output 200W lasts/500W peak
Photovoltaic output 120W(Max)
Protection type Over current protection, overload protection, over heat protection, over voltage protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection

Applicable scene

Application range

This portable energy storage power supply can supply or charge most of the communication electronic digital products and outdoor camping electronic products and small household appliances that need to be replenished on the market For example:

Music electronics
Music electronics

Supports a wide range of MP3, CD, MD players and portable DVD players in the fashion world, super-smart music enjoyment, adding a steady stream of notes to life.

Mobile phone
Mobile phone

It is suitable for providing power supply for a variety of mainstream brand mobile phones. It provides USB interface for charging and storage. Whether it is an ordinary mobile phone or a high-end camera phone or a smart phone, you can enjoy the convenient life given by mobile power.

Cameras and camcorders
Cameras and camcorders

It is more suitable for a variety of cameras and digital cameras with built-in lithium batteries. From then on, say goodbye to the lack of power and miss the lens. Mobile power allows digital cameras to accompany you to keep alive.


Suitable for all kinds of brands of PDA, PSP, through the USB and DC synchronous charging to provide several times the power of the original battery support is a portable gas station for business activities and personal entertainment


This power supply can provide a large capacity power supply for various notebook computers. At the same time, it can also provide power for digital cameras, Pad and other digital products. It is a portable generator for business people.


The use of stereo speakers and microphones is also ubiquitous. Shopping mall performances, stage performances, square dance entertainment, etc., to avoid the trouble of insufficient power.

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